Life Insurance

Life Insurance  


For many employees, the workplace is the only place where they can secure life insurance. This benefit lets your employees know that if something unexpected happens, their families will be able to take care of final expenses without sacrificing retirement savings or going further into debt.


As a member of the California Medical Association, you can give your valuable employees a clear signal that they are cared for, on and off the job.


Your employees get the advantage of working with a business that offers them and their families a prized benefit: basic life insurance.

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You will have access to basic life insurance quotes for multiple carriers. Each plan’s benefits will vary. Your Mercer agent will be able to assist you with determining what plan is best for you and your employees. Some of the benefits of the plans available may include:


  • Specific death benefit (e.g., $25,000)
  • Guaranteed acceptance — employees cannot be turned down for health reasons
  • Accelerated benefit if diagnosed as terminally ill
  • Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage for loss of life or covered accidental injury, on or off the job
  • Waiver of premium if the employee becomes disabled as per the laws of your state
  • Travel assistance
  • Available counseling for grief support, financial and legal services, and more
  • Ability to convert coverage to an individual plan if they leave your employment


Please note that all of these benefits may not be available. Ask your sales agent for more information if you have specific questions.


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Eligibility is based on your employee count and your state, see map.

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